Your Story is A Piece of Cake — Daily Quote

A good story is better than life. It allows us access to our hero’s thoughts and motivations. While actual people often hide behind carefully crafted facades. Exciting stories don’t waste time with boring and trivial aspects of our daily routines. If a character takes a shower, you can count on a shocking development ensuing. When the antagonist confronts our beloved protagonist, our hero always has the best responses without bumbling, stutters, or searching for words. And she certainly doesn’t spend the next scene thinking of all the cutting retorts she could have said.

Well-written tales are laser-focused, they revolve around a major theme, and present a satisfying resolution, we seldom experience outside of a novel. The scenery is richer. Men are handsome, women are beautiful, and the plot pushes them along a prescribed path. It betrays the uncertainty we face. A good story resembles our favorite meal, and the crowning glory is a delectable piece of cake for dessert.

Will your story serve cake?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer




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Jo Hawk

Jo Hawk

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