Wishing You the Happiest of Happy Christmas’s This Year — Daily Quote

Charles Dickens’ novella A Christmas Carol was first published on December 19, 1843. The initial run of 6,000 copies sold out by Christmas Eve, and the publisher, Chapman & Hall, issued a second, and then the third edition before the year’s end. They claim the book has never been out of print in the 176 years since its original publication. It has inspired countless adaptations. It never fails to make the most popular Christmas movie lists. An impressive accomplishment for a story of approximately 28,000 words.

Despite the Bah Humbug, scary ghosts, the portrayal of subsistence living, and an overbearing boss, it is an optimistic tale, portraying redemption’s forgiveness and love’s strength. We see generosity’s effects on our fellow humans and the infectious nature of good cheer throughout the year. It is an evergreen reminder that we possess the power to create a positive impact on others. Generations continue to confirm the heartfelt reality of our human condition.

This holiday season, I wish you fond recollections of childhood pleasures. May you create precious new memories with cherished friends and family. During the festivities, take a quiet moment to reflect on times past and present as you imagine a brighter future.

How will you carry the holiday spirit into the New Year?


Keep on writing.

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Jo Hawk

Jo Hawk

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