Unplug, End Procrastination, and Get Your Work Done — Daily Quote

We writers are great procrastinators. Few events remind us of urgent tasks and motivate us to finish trivial chores like a scheduled writing session. Suddenly we remember emails we must send, laundry that needs our attention, and the far reaches of the refrigerator cries for sorting, cleaning, and organizing. How have we missed the dust bunny under the back corner of the couch? There are text messages, file folders to comb through, and only twenty more levels until we reach the end of the Candy Crush path.

But words don’t write themselves, and the stories living in your head are difficult to share. The day dawns, and we realize it is time for a decision. The choice is to continue along the familiar rut of wishful thinking and ingenious avoidance tactics or to honor the promises we have made to ourselves. The smart course of action is to unplug, disable notifications, silence your phone, dismiss the voices trying to distract you and write. Some writers create a ritual to set the mood. They light a candle, put on their fuzzy slipper socks, pour a hot cup of coffee, lock the door, and discover the words to convey our grand tale.

What are your writing rituals?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer




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Jo Hawk

Jo Hawk

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