Trials, Tribulations, Setbacks, and Ordeals Pave the Way to Your Hero’s Success — Daily Quote

We plot, research, plan, schedule, outline, and create a roadmap we feel sure will guarantee a clear track to success. But even when we know the destination, the path can be circuitous. Detours, roadblocks, washouts, and fallen bridges block the direct route.

We find ourselves unprepared, short on supplies, lacking the right password, and despair threatens to consume the last of our resolve. The going is fraught with peril, and we scramble, attempting to discover alternate paths, devise a Plan B, and keep our eye on the ultimate prize. We cling to hope’s faint light and push forward.

Having goals is imperative. I compare the writer’s struggles to Joseph Campbell’s structure of the hero’s journey. The goal is set. We answer the Call to Adventure, travel the Road of Trials, descend into the Abyss, and experience the Supreme Ordeal. I realize the story isn’t complete, and everyone is waiting for our hero to prevail against all odds.

Where are you on your hero’s journey?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer




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Jo Hawk

Jo Hawk

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