Today’s Crappy Writing Becomes Compost for Tomorrow’s Polished Stories — Daily Quote

I can always write. Sometimes, to be sure, what I write is crap, but it’s words on the page and therefore it is something to

The practice of creating every day teaches many lessons. Sometimes your sessions are loaded with wonder. You look forward to the writing time, words flow onto the page, and the process seems effortless. Other days you don’t want to sit at your desk, but as you type, the concepts fall into place, and you produce more than you would have imagined. Sometimes despite your best efforts, it is nothing but crap.

Discipline makes you tenacious in your resolve to hit your goal, and you battle through, working, and composing until you attain the target. The chances are, when you analyze those hard-won victories, you discover gems you didn’t recognize as you were writing.

The truth is, even the words you wrote on a good day may need resuscitation. Regardless, there are pages filled with words. Words you can edit. Words you can polish and shine to reflect a story that once only lived in your imagination.

How is your writing discipline developing?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer