The Magical Properties of Unexpected Snow — Daily Quote

The weather forecast predicts 2–5” of snow. This winter, any significant accumulation has been absent, and while I am eager for spring’s arrival, I mourn the lack of a typical winter. There is a certain delicious anticipation of falling asleep and waking to a transformed world. The bonus is when they declare a snow day and cancel normal activities.

A snow day is Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Hey, y’all have been working hard, how about we take a break and stay home?” We have permission to sleep late, play, and indulge in a world run by our vivid imaginations. This world encourages creating snow angels, building snowmen, and snow forts designed as impenetrable bases designed for epic snowball fights, and culminates in toasted marshmallow piled high atop hot cocoa filled mugs.

After playing outside and unusual physical exertion, there is blissful comfort to curl before a crackling fire with a favorite book. Escapism, release from reality, suspension of disbelief, is embodied in translucent snowflakes, a translucence that reflects ambient light. It is the reason snow most often appears white, but deep snow can appear blue, and under the right conditions it looks pink. It is a magical substance that dares us to image the unimaginable.

Where do you find enchanted days?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer




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Jo Hawk

Jo Hawk

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