Spring’s Reminder to Focus on the Flowers — Daily Quote

I look forward to Spring. This year has been no exception. Here we are, the day has arrived. We made it. Why do I feel like someone stole my last roll of toilet paper? Why am I feeling let down? I considered it might be due to the perpetual rain and lack of sunshine. But that answer didn’t ring true. I dug a little deeper. There is a possibility today’s Vernal Equinox gained more importance than I should have attributed to it.

I realized the global pandemic, and mass uncertainty triggered a mindset fixated on Spring’s arrival. Scientists say our brains release dopamine, the happiness hormone, in anticipation of a reward. As we work toward a target, the shot of dopamine helps us feel good. But when you attain the goal, your dopamine levels drop. On a biochemical level, it is harder to find joy. Coupled with the realities we face, turning the calendar, felt hollow. I had been putting all my eggs in one basket.

The revelation reminded me to celebrate the journey, notice the budding trees, the emerging tulips, and the cheerful birdsongs. We are surrounded by generous, supportive, and loving people. While we mourn the upheaval and loss, this virus has unleased, we also focus on the endgame. We are blessed with the ability to create new objectives, erect fresh miles markers, and dream different, bigger dreams. Active imaginations, housed in brilliant minds, devise ingenious plans to help humanity navigate a world turned upside down.

I intend to embark on more grand adventures, diversifying my goals into multiple baskets. My first quest? More toilet paper.

Have your goals changed?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer



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