Peaceful, Easy Sunday Writing Session — Daily Quote

Jo Hawk
Oct 25, 2020


I wake up fairly early every day, by 8, for sure. Sunday is a lighter writing day than the weekdays, but I still wake up and

After a weeks’ worth of waking early and working late into the evening, sleeping in is a justified reward. The trick is finding the sweet spot. Wake too soon, and it’s different to distinguish Sunday from my typical workday. I drag myself from my bed, tired, drained, and uninspired. Sleep too long, and the slow, tranquil parts slip away. I chase after my longed-for relaxing pace and end up feeling cheated, rushed, and resentful.

Preparation is the key. I purposely turn off my alarms, set my phone to silent, and adjust the thermostat to cool. My optimal bedroom temperature is between 65 and 68F. It makes snuggling into a warm cocoon with my favorite fluffy downy comforter and pillows is a rare indulgence. Waking without an alarm to the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee is a decadent treat. One quick push of the start button is all it takes when I also prepare the pot the night before.

The next part happens naturally, with no prodding or forethought. My desk and my story beckons. There is nothing better than a steaming cup of Joe, a quiet Sunday morning, and the soft tap of keys as the scenes in my head appears on the screen.

Do you write on Sunday, or do you unwind?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer