New Twists in Preparing Your Annual Great Holiday Movie Marathon — Daily Quote

Jo Hawk
2 min readDec 18, 2020


My favorite holiday memory was sitting at home all day in my pajamas during winter break for school watching a bunch of old C

The last-minute madness of the holiday rush begins at 5:01 pm Friday. With lists and reminders by my side, I set to work. In the wee hours of the morning, tired but happy, I collapse into bed, knowing my reward is near.

The enormous pile of nondescript delivery boxes will have transformed. Purchased presents, festive holiday paper, sparkling ribbons, glittering bows, and decorative tapes are magical ingredients. Wrapped gifts will soon pack Santa’s bags, ready for distribution to friends and family. I plan to add the trays of countless dozens of themed cookies to the neatly labeled piles first thing in the morning. Only a few select treasures will lie tucked beneath a twinkling Christmas tree, waiting for our scheduled Zoom call. I review my notes, check the list once more, and smile. Tomorrow morning is drop off day.

Saturday’s remaining agenda calls for pajamas, naps on the couch, and the traditional family movie marathon. There are no surprises in this lineup. The list contains classics, both new and old, with some added, just for fun. The stories haven’t changed — we know every word. A watch party is a new twist, but I expect the films still have the power to evoke nostalgia kissed delight. Friends will text to compare movie trivia, bet on the likelihood of a White Christmas, and make plans for the New Year. When the pizza arrives, holiday stress is guaranteed to dissolve into holiday cheer.

What is your favorite holiday movie?


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