Letting Your Voices Trick You into A Productive Day — Daily Quote

Leave it to the chattering voices droning in my head. They destroyed a perfectly wonderful plan, a plan filled with rest, relaxation, and fun. No writing, no lists, no alarm clocks, no worries. Morning coffee, a deep breath, I barely had a chance to exhale. The voices saw an opening and jumped.

“Hello?” they said. “You’ve had your coffee? Awake? Feeling rested? You’re always saying you’re busy and that you don’t have time. We see you’re not busy right now. Is it a good time? Nothing major. A few words, perhaps?”

Can you say “Guilt” with a capital “G?” Well played voices. How can I say no? Yeah, okay, a few words. They are a sneaky bunch. You must watch them, anticipate their subterfuge. A few words, then a few words more, became filled pages. Devious, they are. They artfully derailed my plans, advanced their agendas, and made sure I had a fun day.

Do your voices interrupt your plans?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer




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Jo Hawk

Jo Hawk

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