For Terrific Results, Unlock Your Carefully Contained Emotions — Daily Quote

Jo Hawk
1 min readSep 16, 2020


I possess a kingdom like Alcott’s. It is a hidden kingdom, full of deep thoughts, raw emotions, and heartfelt feelings kept under lock and key. The kingdom’s inhabitants are unruly. They laugh uncontrollably, they weep, they scream in anger and frustration, and they love with every ounce of their souls.

The warden of the kingdom has a daunting task. The warden must keep them contained, quiet, and hidden. Perhaps the warden should let them run free, their reward for good behavior. Released to the wild, we can observe their reactions, capture, and capitalize on their emotions. These emotions, thoughts, and feelings are brilliant fodder for when I am writing.

How do you access emotions for your writing?


Keep on writing.

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