Creating Space to Do the Hard Work of Relaxing — Daily Quote

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a busy week. Plenty of hustle, bustle, scheduling home health nursing, physical therapy, doctor visits, and playing short-order cook capped by holiday excitement all piled on top of my typical onslaught of daily tasks. It all leaves me a little — drained. Ragdoll, dead dog, tired. You’ve felt it. Your brain gets fuzzy, you can’t keep your eyes open, and no matter how much you try to stay awake, sleep threatens to overtake you.

I habitually over schedule during this time of the year, knowing I’ll require the help of a team of Santa’s elves to get it all done. Today I have designated my downtime day. My scheduled naptimes are non-negotiable. The only items on the list are the bare minimum must-dos, nothing superfluous. There are various yummy leftovers, suitable for reheat and eat casual all-day grazing. I will wear my fluffy slippers and flannel PJs, pick up a book from my long-neglected TBR pile, settle into my big leather chair with a glass of wine, and see what happens.

How do you relax?


Keep on writing.

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Jo Hawk

Jo Hawk

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