Courting Magical Mr. Mojo and the Sensational Sounds of the Infamous Groove Kid — Daily Quote

I can feel it coming. A monumental shift floats in the night air tonight. The season of suffering, fragmented concentration, reduced productivity, and the resulting irritability, fatigue, and sheer exhaustion are waning. Deep sleep and meditation impart their restorative powers. Rain washes away the grime, promising brighter days. Our hearts knew the situation was temporary, and the best strategy is to ride the rollercoaster — to go with the flow.

At first, the sound is faint, feeling more like a dream than anything tangible. I tumble from my bed, shower, and put on pretty clothes that make me feel human. The beat is slow, but it holds hope and unanswered possibilities. My morning coffee helps me open my eyes, and I focus on the tasks I need to complete. The pulsation strengthens, and the intensity grows.

I access my document, reread yesterday’s smattering of words, and hold my breath. I lean into what terrifies me. My fingers gravitate to the home keys, and they bang sentences into existence. Faltering steps gradually find solid footing, and emotions amp up to levels I had almost forgotten. I have climbed from the pits. The sun shines, the music swells, drums kick out an unrelenting cadence, and the story flows effortlessly onto the page. My wayward friend Mr. Mojo has returned.

“We are back in the Groove, Kid.”

How do you survive the low points in your writing?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer




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Jo Hawk

Jo Hawk

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