Are Daily Reading and Writing Practices the Stepping Stones to Finding Yourself Magically Transformed? — Daily Quote

I love magic. Books have always provided a ready source of the elixir I crave. The book doesn’t have to be a fantasy with wizards, witches, or supernatural creatures. Books about history sweep me away to another time. Treatises, opinion pieces, and even diatribes expose me to different points of view. It doesn’t matter if the author minted their words yesterday or hundreds of years ago. My perceptions are altered, expanded, and perhaps changed. Being willing to open my mind and consider a different perspective is a daily habit.

But often reading alone is not enough. Writing helps congeal thoughts, tightens reasoning and logic, and reveals contradictions. I am a barbarian who enjoys highlighting lines of text in an actual book. I also make notes in the margins with questions, references to something else I’ve read, or ideas I want to pursue.

Often this is not enough, and I feel compelled to handwrite a page or two where I explore my responses or run off onto illogical tangents. Occasionally, this sort of exercise leads me into full research mode. I feel this type of Free-writing can allow you access to your beliefs, concerns, and troubles we all have buried below the surface. Once they see the light of day, they demand acknowledgment, and the process begins anew.

Will you discover something magical today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer




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Jo Hawk

Jo Hawk

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