A Blown Deadline Doesn’t Make You A Failure — All Is Not Lost — Daily Quote

I was in my 20s when I started writing my goals down, assigning each a date that I would achieve them by. I was amazed when I

I don’t recall my first attempt at written goals. I remember having detailed lists when I was in high school. The habit followed me to college. Over time, I refined the format and changed my process to better suit my needs. It has become part of my DNA. Like Howe, I notice when I write my goals and commit to completing them, they get finished. Magical, right? I prefer to think of it as a hyper-focus.

It may be a well-established habit, but it requires dedication. Today, I find myself behind on a deadline. The date has passed, and I cannot remove it from the list. I have good news. The task is more than half done, and I have reached my anger point.

Anger is a great motivator, and I am more determined to finish. Knowing myself, I suspect a few late nights and a big push in my future. I also set a new completion date. If I succeed, I will complete the project one week later than initially planned.

How do you cope with missed deadlines?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer